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Unhappy with your Secondary School offer?

By relocationc293694, Mar 6 2017 11:14AM

With early figures suggesting that disappointment among children and their families are most severe in larger cities, particularly London – what can you do about it?

It is always best to be prepared and know your options should you not be happy with the school you have been offered. You do have a legal right to appeal to any school directly, but you should however, still accept the place you have been offered, as this sits favourably with the appeals board - even if you do not want it! You should then apply to go on the waiting list of any school, regardless of whether it was on your original application. There is a huge amount of movement during now and September, especially if you applied to two seperate counties. Another thing to think about is, do not totally rule out the school you have been offered - give it a chance. All too often, parents have pre-conceived ideas about certain schools, without having visited them. Even if the last Ofsted report wasn't great, the school may have improved and this will not be reflected until their next inspection.

If you still wish to appeal, be pepared, comitted and truthful. You can appeal to any school that you applied to ensuring you follow their procedures to the letter.

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